Carpet Cleaning Kansas City

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City


Carpet Cleaning

Our combination of powerful truck mounted equipment, years of experience, and the latest technology, leaves your carpet looking, smelling, and feeling its very best.

First your carpet is pre-treated with a powerful combination of enzymes and citrus solvent to break down the heaviest of soils. The carpet is then cleaned with very hot water and cleaning agents to remove everything that shouldn’t be in your carpet, from the worst of stains to previously used cleaning agents. This cleaning method is called hot water extraction and is approved by all major carpet mills.

Nobody gets carpets cleaner!

Carpet Restretching

Often due to poor installation or just years of use, carpet can become loose and even wrinkled. Not to worry, this problem can usually be fixed with the right tools. This should be fixed soon, as the carpet wears improperly when loose. With the use of power stretchers and knee kickers your carpet can be returned to its original condition.

Carpet dyeing

McFalls Carpet Restoration is one of the very few companies able to handle various types of color repairs. A carpets color can become damaged due to bleach, spot removers, sun fade, and heavy wear. McFalls can dye whole rooms of carpet or re-dye damaged spots. Carpet color repair requires years of practice to master the skills it takes to restore your carpet to like new condition.

Carpet Repairing

We are experts in all areas of carpet repairing, from restretching to repairing color damaged carpet. We can make things like cigarette burns, pet damage and loose seams like new again. We also repair carpet damaged from bleach and other cleaning agents that harm the dye in carpet.

Very few carpet cleaners have the skills to handle the type of damage that usually ends up as a permanent eye sore.

Call us to make your problems go away!

Pet Urine Damage

Pet urine damage is one of the toughest problems to solve in carpet cleaning. However, this is one problem that we have had great success in eliminating for many years. We are able to treat the smallest spots to whole houses damaged by your pet.

“Carpet cleaning alone will not fix this problem.”

First, the urine is located by ultra violet lights so the problem can be evaluated. If the urine is limited to a few spots, those areas are cleaned, then treated with odor eliminating enzymes. When the problem is more severe, more extensive treatment is needed including replacing damaged carpet pad and treating sub flooring.

Leave these problems to the professionals!