Q: I have a new puppy and he is not house broken yet. Is there anything that will take care of the urine spots and odor?

Pet urine damage can destroy your carpet, leaving permanent stains, bad odor and in severe cases even damaging sub flooring. The most effective cleaning alone will not usually fix this problem. The first step is to access the damage with ultraviolet lighting and inspection to determine the severity of problem. The damaged areas can then be treated by discarding damaged carpet padding, cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas with enzymes to remove stains and odor from all flooring.

Q: How often should I clean my carpet?

Every household is different. All major carpet mills recommend you clean your carpet at least once a year. Carpet cleaning should be done for preventive and health reasons, and not waiting until carpet is over soiled. Waiting too long between cleanings can cause premature wear and some stains to become permanent.

Q: What carpet cleaning method is most effective?

Truck mounted hot water extraction (steam cleaning) is the safest, most effective method for all carpets. Done correctly by a professional, using the right equipment, this process will remove more dirt and stains than any other cleaning method. Truck mounted machines are very powerful and most effective to deliver the hottest water and vacuum for quick drying. All soil and dirty water is removed from your home and taken away in our truck.

Here at McFalls, we are experts in treating this kind of problem and have a great success rate From just a couple accidents to damage throughout the whole house, call us for a clean and fresh carpet.